What’s Stopping You from Breaking into Your Dream Job?

Maybe you've attended a few presentations from your dream employer, but what's stopping you from approaching the recruiter? Or maybe you've dropped your resume on UCSO but didn't get a preference, why not? Or maybe you got that interview but didn't get the offer? What went wrong?   

How We Can Help

Even though you attend a Top 10 Business School, jobs don't automatically land in your lap. To get your dream job, you must have the right attitude, strategy, and above all else you must never give up! 

We at Kelley Networking Club are all about helping you develop recruiting skills to network like a professional, create a winning resume, and ace the interview to land offers from your dream job. We teach recruiting with a focus on professional development while giving you the competitive edge in the job market.

What's More

No matter how technical your dream job might seem, it's probably still a social industry where your success depends on convincing people that you can do the work and that you're likable at the same time. In other words, breaking into your dream job is about persuading people to know, like, and trust you whether that's in your conversations with them, in your applications, in your interviews, or on the job itself.

If you're worried, don't be. We established Kelley Networking Club to teach you all that and more  through symposiums, networking events, resume workshops, mock interviews, company presentations, and dinner outings, you'll learn everything you need to break into your dream job! 

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